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Colt Montgomer captured my heart the minute he picked up the phone to call his brother Reed in The Rancher and the Vet to tell him he was being deployed to Afghanistan. 

Roping the Rancher is Colt's story. He's back home in Estes Park and has started therapuetic horsemanship program. He's also trying to survive Jess's teen years. With dating and driving looming on the horizon, Colt's got all he can handle. 

Those of you who've read Bet On A Cowboy will remember Stacy Michaels as one of the two finalists vying for Griffin McAlister's affections. Since then she's struggled in her acting career and assumed guardianship of her younger brother, who needs equine therapy to recovery from injuries received in a car accident. The problem? Stacy's scheduled to start filming a movie Maggie McAlister is directing in Estes Park.  

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"An injury to his hand could end Jamie Westland's music career in New York for good... Despite everything, Emma Donovan needs a fiddler for her band and asks Jamie to step in... Their individual pursuit to see each other's dreams accomplished, even at the cost of their own, makes for a heartfelt romance." -- 4 1/2 stars.

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